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Astrophotography by Philippe Gilberton

Home observatory

right side view opened roof
left side view opened roof

        This personal observatory was built on May 2018 from a garden shed whose roof was modified to allow its easy opening. I did not choose the sliding roof solution because it would have encroached on the garden which is not large enough. I had to imagine another simple solution without using a central column as well. So I chose to put the tripod on cinder blocks.

         To avoid any movement while I walk in the shelter, I cut out the wooden floor provided so as to lay the concrete blocks directly on the ground and thus avoid any vibration conduction. The cinder blocks were sealed on the ground with a very liquid cement which is easy to remove if necessary. The original material (compressed wood) of the roof has been replaced by special exterior 5mm marine plywood. I carefully covered it with 2 coats of marine varnish. There are 3 roof hinges whose type is suitable for gates that are therefore rather robust.

          The opening is carried out in 2 steps, first the semi opening where the roof rests on 2 struts then the full opening which is done by pulling on another strut articulated in two pieces of cleats (section 30 x 30 mm) and which comes to rest on the ground. It has now been working for 3 years without serious problem whatever it is on summer or winter. As the roof is slightly sloping the rain water does not stay and flows towards the rear of the shelter.


abri bois modèle midway3
abri bois modèle midway3

external and internal shelter dimensions

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