boreal sky image

Astrophotography by Philippe Gilberton

Capturing equipment

capturing setup

Capturing equipments from left to right: focuser ZWO(EAF: Electronical Automatic Focuser), optical divider ZWO (OAG: Out of Axis Guiding ) equipped with its guiding camera ZWO asi120MM-S, filter wheel ZWO 7 positions 36mm and camera ZWO asi1600MMPro cooled. Not visible on the picture is the field flattener TS optics TSflat2″ screwed into the refractor tube.


Canon 6D format 24 x 36mm, 5472 px × 3648 px, pixel size 6.5 um.

ZWO asi 290MC

ZWO asi290MC used for short exposure(lucky imaging) and planetary sessions.

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